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Classic Roofing Marketing Tips That Still Work

Equipter Marketing Plan
January 26, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By Equipter. 

Make sure your roofing company is taking advantage of four of the most tried and true marketing strategies. 

With the whole world going digital, it’s easy for roofing companies to shift their focus to marketing their services online. Digital marketing is one of the best ways to put your company out there, but don’t forget to also capitalize on old-school marketing tactics to help grow your contracting business! 

We at Equipter still utilize a mix of digital and print marketing with much success. Here are four of our favorite old-school marketing moves that can also benefit your roofing business:  

1 - Send snail mail 

No, direct mail is certainly not dead! For example, one survey found that close to 80% of consumers take action on direct mail ads over digital ads. These marketing pieces, whether they’re newsletters, postcards or in some other form, give consumers a tangible piece they can read, keep on hand for future use, or even pass to a friend who was just complaining it was time to get a new roof. Sending well-designed direct mail, like New Roof No Mess marketing materials, is a smart way to overcome inbox overload and stand out from the roofing pack. 

2 - Carry business cards 

Small but mighty, the business card is a visible, portable reminder of your roof replacement company. Include a business card with most, if not all, of your paper correspondences — even invoices. Don’t hesitate to give a few extra cards to the people you meet throughout the day either, so they can hand them out for referrals. 

Printing companies, like VistaPrint, offer plenty of options that deliver a professional look without draining your marketing budget. If you’re searching for a higher-end business card, consider using a local printer or a company like MOO, which offers high-quality paper and professional-quality images. 

3 - Share promotional gifts outside of events 

Most of us probably associate promotional gifts with marketing for home shows or trade events. However, a relevant promo gift can make an impact any time. For example, a salesperson might leave a promo gift along with print marketing materials during a sales call. They also make good thank you gifts, which can add to the exceptional customer experience that leads to referrals for your roofing business. 

Branded promotional gift ideas for roofing include: 

  • Yardsticks or tape measures 

  • Magnets with measurement conversions 

  • Flower seed packets 

  • Ear plugs 

  • Safety goggles 

  • Cookies in construction shapes (We haven’t personally used this cookie company, but check out its roofing promo cookie ideas!) 

Don’t forget promos for kids. A roofing salesperson could give away branded goodies, like small footballs or play construction helmets. (When you’re in a prospect’s home, it’s always a good idea to ask the parent first if you can give a child a promotional item.) 

4 - Attend in-person networking opportunities and events 

Small business owners and managers get a near-constant barrage of tips telling them to make connections on professional sites like LinkedIn. While there’s value in digital networking, tap the power of face-to-face time as well. 

Join a local chamber of commerce or other business groups. If you’re unsure which business groups are worth your time, talk with other entrepreneurs or owners in your area to find out what they would recommend. 

Another option is to check out a coworking space. Coworking facilities are shared office spaces occupied by a range of businesses. Even if you have a dedicated office for your roofing business, consider taking your laptop or tablet and working out of a coworking space a few times a month — many of these facilities offer affordable day passes. Coworking allows you to connect with other local business owners and often gives you access to business-related events, such as workshops or lunch-and-learn sessions. 

In the past while Equipter’s new facility was under construction, some Equipter team members spent time coworking out of The Candy Factory in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Find out what former Equipter marketers Sam Beiler and Josh Beiler said about coworking during their time there. 

Equipter has plenty more info on marketing for roofing companies peppered throughout their blog. What old-school roofing marketing tips or tools have worked for your contracting company? Follow the company on their Equipter Facebook page

Learn more about Equipter in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit www.Equipter.com

Original article source: Equipter

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