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Introducing Ingage | Create. Share. Measure.

Ingage is a cloud-based presentation building platform that allows anyone, regardless of design or technology experience, to create professional and polished presentations that sell, share them with anyone who needs them and measure their impact on their business.

Create, share and measure every presentation you make with the intuitive platform available on desktop and iPad. Whether you're creates sales decks or presentation quarterly numbers to your team, Ingage allows you to build impressive and interactive presentations that will wow any audience.

Learn more on the Ingage website.

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Try Sample Presentations from Ingage!

Explore Ingage samples to spark ideas for your own content! Discover samples such as... Roof and Siding Damage & Restoration Homes and much more! Explore Samples Today!
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Ingage - eBook

6 Ways Presentation Software Can Deliver an Impressive ROI

Drive ROI with powerful presentation software in just 6 steps. The right software can empower your team to deliver presentations that win more deals. ‍ Download our guide to learn how you can drive ROI with Ingage.
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Ingage: eBook

Ingage: How to optimize Your Conversion Funnel to Pre-Qualify Leads

In the fast-paced world of sales, your team may have tons of ideas to kick start your business and reach out to prospective customers. Great ideas on their own though is not enough to ensure success. A conversion funnel or sales funnel, is what you need to attract and nurture ...
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Latest Podcasts

Ingage - Dean Curtis - Sales presentations that hit the next level

Dean Curtis - Sales Presentations That Hit The Next Level

S4:E5 Heidi J. Ellsworth road trips cross country virtually to visit with Dean Curtis, CEO of Ingage. This revolutionary technology company has created a new way of creating, designing, implementing and tracking sales presentations. Whether you are a sales representative, sales manager or owner of a roofing company, this ...
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Ingage VideoPL

Ingage Video Playlist

Learn more about Ingage by visiting their RCS Directory. Subscribe to the Ingage YouTube channel. Ingage General Overview Getting Started with Ingage Ingage Demo How to Easily Make Your Presentations Interactive - Ingage 101 Sharing your Presentation How to Use Sample Presentations | Ingage 101 Analytics Overview
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