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Fast and Easy Ordering You Can Trust

ABC Fast and easy ordering
April 26, 2021 at 6:00 a.m.

By ABC Supply.  

Atlas Restoration & Construction uses myABCsupply to quickly place orders, track deliveries and pay invoices.  

Formed by a group of restoration professionals, Atlas Restoration & Construction can maneuver any of the unique challenges posed by HOAs, planned maintenance services, storm damage restorations or general investment projects. Based right outside of the Twin Cities in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, this company has a longstanding reputation for being the go-to contractor for local homeowners’ associations.  

Atlas’s range of services often means they have really big—and really small—projects going on simultaneously. With so many projects going on at one time, it’s crucial that the team have a quick and easy way to order building supplies online. As the person primarily in charge of ordering supplies for Atlas, project manager and part-owner Brian Maas has found that utilizing myABCsupplyABC Supply’s online ordering system, has made ordering much more convenient and much more accurate. That gives him and his team the time to focus on the important part—doing the work.  

Streamlined supply ordering  

Maas began using myABCsupply in January 2021 for a large job starting in May. Before using myABCsupply, he would place orders using one of Atlas’s standard roof order sheets. He’d fill it in, scan it and send it to Ryan, his sales associate at his local ABC Supply location in Maple Plain, Minnesota. “I still fill out the sheets to keep things organized, but now I come into the office, transfer the info into the online template on my desktop computer and send it over to the branch,” Maas says. “It’s much more efficient.”  

He also appreciates that the tool has been easy to use from day one. “It really walks you through the ordering process,” he says.  

Efficient order management  

In addition to ordering more efficiently, Maas appreciates having access to his current pricing in myABCsupply. “Being able to just click and send is such a benefit,” Maas says. “I have all of the pricing information in front of me before I send a bid—and again, it saves time because there aren’t a bunch of phone calls back and forth to Ryan,” he says.   

Maas also values the template aspect of myABCsupply. “Once you set up templates, everything’s there for you,” he says.   

Easy for all employees to use  

Right now, Maas is the person primarily responsible for ordering materials at Atlas and does it mostly through his computer at work— “I don’t do much on my phone,” he says. Eventually, he’s planning to have other members of his team use myABCsupply to place orders, track deliveries and pay invoices.   

In the meantime, Maas has been spreading the word about myABCsupply to other contractors. “I told my neighbor about it—he builds a lot of single-family homes—and he started using it, too,” he says. “He told me last week he submitted about 40 to 50 orders through the tool.”  

To experience how myABCsupply can make it easier for your company to order building supplies online, register for myABCsupply.    

Learn more about ABC Supply in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit www.abcsupply.com.  

Original article source: ABC Supply 

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