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5 Tips for Meeting Construction Project Deadlines on Time

JobNimbus Construction Project Deadlines
March 5, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.

By Jeff Guthrie, JobNimbus.

How to meet your deadlines consistently and efficiently so you don’t damage your company’s reputation. 

As many project managers know, meeting deadlines on time is no easy feat. While it’s not unreasonable to request an extension, if you do this too often it could hurt the reputation of your company. You might even lose money from your overall payout depending on the agreed upon terms in the initial contract.

There are many reasons why construction projects often get delayed, including bad weather, problems with employees and other issues. However, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your deadline is met on time. If you’re looking to meet deadlines more consistently, here are five tips to help you do just that:

1 - Create a detailed timeframe with multiple deadlines 

Stay on track and move at a more urgent pace by meeting your sub-deadlines if you’re running behind schedule. By breaking your project down into as many small bite-sized pieces as possible, you can more effectively determine the time frame in which the project as a whole will be completed. This will help you adjust your pace earlier on, rather than trying to rush when the final deadline is approaching. 

2 - Clear line of communication between all parties involved 

Clear communication between everyone involved in the project is essential to completing it on time. You need to make sure that concerns and observations can make it from the lowest level to the highest level in lightning speed, if need be.

Also, your employees should be encouraged to communicate early and often. Smaller-scale issues can be dismissed by lower-level supervisors, and real pressing issues can be moved up the chain of command as quickly as they need to be.

3 - Gather all materials and tools needed 

This almost goes without saying, but it’s all too common for project managers to attempt to order materials as they go, or to put off ordering materials for one section of a project until another is completed.

Unless you have an absolute lock on delivery times, it’s best to get everything you need before you even start. You might end up with a bit more left-over material, but this can be stored for future use, and it’s a lot better than missing your deadline because of a delay in your delivery.

4 - Outsource if possible 

Outsourcing will save you time in many different areas. For example, outsourcing almost every non-labor-related task, such as financing, bookkeeping and permits, is the go-to move for construction companies looking to save time. You can also outsource aspects of the project itself, like the delivery of materials.

By hiring a last-mile company to handle the final leg of your material delivery, you can get access to a much more controlled handle on the delivery. Real-time GPS tracking and up-to-the-minute notifications about your delivery are often provided by last mile delivery companies, so you’d be wise to make use of that.

5 - Make use of tracking software 

Some higher-quality tracking software companies like JobNimbus, for instance, even provide a mobile app that allows you to stay plugged in from anywhere. The improved organization that JobNimbus provides is proven to improve revenue growth and save time on jobs. They even have dedicated construction software for construction companies. 

“Tracking software can help you manage every aspect of a job, from the initial estimate and bids, to communication with the client, a breakdown of individual tasks, reports, invoices and more.” 

– Jeff Guthrie of Phoenix Roofing Contractors 

Never miss a project deadline again 

Delays and other hiccups in the construction process can lead to missed deadlines. If you miss too many deadlines, word might get around and damage your reputation as a construction company. Thankfully, by using the five tips we’ve provided here, you’re guaranteed to run a tighter ship and complete more projects on time.

Learn more about JobNimbus in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit JobNimbus.com

Original article source: JobNimbus

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April 5, 2022
Thanks for sharing valuable information!. Have something to add in about tracking software. But if you want the most bang for your buck, use construction software that contains a document management feature and will make it easy to review data.

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