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Regional Sales Director for Commercial Coatings

Southwest Phoenix, Arizona Posted 2 years, 4 months ago
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Regional Sales Director, GAF Roof Coatings

Job Description

The Regional Sales Director is primarily responsible for the overall sales and technical management of the assigned sales region. The position is expected to give the fullest effort consistently and to promote the Company and its products aggressively and tenaciously at all times and to achieve the sales and expense objectives assigned. The Regional Sales Director must keep informed on current affairs of the industry as they affect prospects and performance and must have a substantial working knowledge of the product line, specifications and pricing of competitors. The Regional Sales Director must be able to work independently, accept, and provide guidance and direction, communicate company policies and objectives and ensure compliance by all regional sales personnel. This is a line position reporting to the National Sales Director and generally requires the establishment of, and operation from, an in-home office.


The primary duties of the Regional Sales Director consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

● Employee Management of the Field Sales Department within the assigned region, consisting of: ○ Interviewing, negotiating new hire offers (compensation package, district or territory alignment, etc.), hiring, and training new employees in compliance with company guidelines, and federal and state governmental laws and regulations.

Providing timely performance coaching and counseling in the form of daily verbal feedback, annual written performance evaluations, frequent positive encouragement and recognition, and documented disciplinary actions, as necessary (working closely with the HR Business Partner).
Managing employee vacation/time off requests to ensure employees’ compliance with company guidelines, and adequate departmental coverage.
Identifying employees’ training/developmental needs and ensuring the accomplishment of these training objectives.
● Organization of the Region

Determine and justify the need for company sales personnel, their geographic location and the specific sales area (district or territory) for which they will have direct sales responsibility.
Determine and justify the need and location for independent sales representatives in the region. Define specifically the protected territory and/or accounts which will be assigned to each representative for sales credit purposes. Negotiate and/or terminate arrangements with sales representatives with the advice and approval of corporate senior management.
Exercise final approval in setting up approved roofing contractors in the Region. Obtain concurrence of corporate senior management concerning the termination of an approved contractor.
Where a justified need exists, and subject to approval of corporate senior management, establish distributors and/or Company inventories.
● Management of the Region

Key Account Management - Act as the direct point of contact for key Regional and National contractors and distributors. Manage pricing and quarterback projects and initiatives for Key Account partners. Actively pursue targeted Key Accounts for partnership.
Prepare and submit sales forecasts and projections for the Region and each Territory by established due dates.
With input from supporting personnel, develop and implement sales plans designed to meet the specific goals established for the region and each Territory.
Supervise and direct the sales effort of the region sales personnel, with strong emphasis on motivation, working closely with them to achieve the maximum sales volume each district can produce, and ensuring the achievement of region goals and objectives.
Monitor the activities of each independent sales representative and provide continuing motivation to ensure that his/her production of sales and specifications justifies the protected status and compensation received. Provide and/or recommend training as necessary to ensure that the company is represented in a professional and technically competent manner.
Exercise pricing authority in a judicious manner to meet or exceed both volume and profit goals.
Control district travel and entertainment expenditures, maintaining them strictly within budget limitations.
Hold sales presentations and arrange plant visits for customers when appropriate. ○ Ensure that regular contact is made with leading roofing contractors, roof consultants, owners and other important purchasers, specifiers or consumers of roofing material in the region with the specific objective of obtaining orders from the roofing contractors and consumers, and favorable specifications from the others.
In the process of calling on roofing contractors, ensure that they are properly trained regarding GAF Roof Coatings specifications and application techniques and well motivated to use GAF Roof Coatings products wherever possible.
Investigate complaints promptly and follow through until settled satisfactorily.
● Communicate clearly in all forms with associates, company personnel, and the trade, by report, correspondence, sales presentations, person-to-person or telephone.

● Maintain regular contact with the Technical Department to ensure that technical needs of the region are being met, and that all region sales personnel are communicating with, and providing assistance to the Technical Department as needed.

● Keep the National Sales Director fully informed at all times on current conditions and future prospects in the region.

● Comply with safety policies and procedures (company, state, federal, etc.)

● Promote and encourage safety awareness and compliance with direct reports.

● Perform any other duties as assigned by the National Sales Director.

Minimum Requirements

● Bachelor's Degree or equivalent work experience.

● Minimum 5+ years sales experience in applicable field.

● Experience leading, motivating and coaching others.

● Excellent planning and organizational skills.

● Proven follow-up and problem resolution abilities

● Self disciplined and motivated.

● Must have confidence, aggressiveness, tenacity, and resilience.

● Professional image – appearance and demeanor.

● Excellent interpersonal skills.

● Proven ability to establish business relationships.

● Solid communication skills – both verbal & written.

● Sales ability and persuasiveness.

● Extensive face to face sales call experience.

● Exceptional knowledge of roofing.

● Computer competency with google office products, Salesforce and Tableau.

● Must have (and maintain) a valid driver’s license and an insurable driving record.

● Ability to travel as necessary (depending on sales area, could average more than 3 – 4 overnights/month).


● Ability to drive vehicle and travel (as necessary), without assistance

● Ability to climb ladders, work with heights and demonstrate roof applications

● Must have the ability to work in outdoor conditions (including high/low temperatures, wind, dust, humidity, etc.)

● Visual acuity to perform inspections, read computer screens, documents, etc.

● Manual dexterity to perform data entry, filing, and site inspections

● Ability to hear and speak on the phone

● Ability to bend, pull, and reach to perform demonstrations, filing functions, etc.

● Ability to lift up to 50 lbs (booth, sample boxes, products, etc.)

We are taking a responsible approach to creating environments that allow us to do what we do best – Protect what matters most.

As part of our commitment to health and safety, COVID-19 vaccines are required for all candidates and employees in this position. Proof of vaccination is required. Should you require accommodation for medical or religious needs, GAF will engage in an interactive process with you to determine if a reasonable accommodation can be provided in accordance with applicable state and federal law.

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