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Sales Corps

Networking + organizing WORKS!

At Sales Corps, we believe that all independent Manufacturers Representatives in the building products industry MUST network and organize in order to anticipate and react to the evolving market. Through association and networking together, all our members realize additional market leverage and sales income.

You cannot afford to work in a vacuum

Stay knowledgeable of what's happening in the building products industry. Keep ahead of market changes. Enhance your competitive advantage with the latest relevant education. Stay abreast of industry best practices through interaction with other professionals just like yourself.

About Sales Corps

Sales Corps was founded by seven firms representing the building products industry, based among the Mid-Atlantic, New England, and the Great Lakes.

We now have 23 firms with over 37 active representatives and coverage in 31 states plus the District of Columbia.

Sales Corps came together because we recognized the need for organizational synergy to better prepare each affiliated independent manufacturers representative to anticipate and to react to consolidation in all our markets.

Sales Corps meets annually in the spring to discuss mutual issues and opportunities. Past presentations have included such subjects as:

  • Sales Force CRM Vs Microsoft CRM VS ACT;

  • Succession planning;

  • Vehicle management: the pros and cons of accelerated depreciation;

  • Medical/health plans; a review of the Affordable Healthcare Act;

  • Hand Helds-from Portable PC's to PDA's to iPhones and iPads;

  • Contract recommendations for Reps and Sub-Reps;

  • Call Reports for Independent Agents and legal ramifications

  • Social media marketing, what works and how to keep up

  • Report card for rating your Manufacturers

  • Networking with Architects and Specifiers to increase specifications

  • RoofersCoffeeShop® Association

Get ready to bolster your sales effectiveness!  You can join us and learn how we can help make your firm stronger and more profitable! Serious independent manufacturers sales reps, Contact Sales Corps today.

Join Sales Corps and begin reaping the benefits.

Find out about our upcoming events.


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