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Joe Hoffman- RCS Influencer

Roofle has a philosophy that no one works FOR anyone; they work WITH each other. The organization is structured like a circle, where everyone is the most important at times and the least important at times with the person at top helping move the circle forward. They happen to build roofs on residential structures, but the Roofle team is smart enough, talented enough and trusts each other enough to build anything. 

Roofle’s mission is to revolutionize the roofing industry. We call it the Rooflution.

Roofle is the result of thousands of hours planning, strategizing, designing, developing and implementing what we all believe is the fastest & simplest way to buy a roof.

Designed with YOU, the customer in mind we collected only the best roofing products on the market and coupled that with our revolutionary Roof Matcher and Quick Quote technology to make the process seamless from selection to ordering. And we handle everything else, from installation to warranty while keeping you in total communication and at total ease. We don’t just plan to sell you a roof, we plan to exceed all of your expectations.

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S3:E10 / S3:E11 The second annual LIVE Coffee Conversations, sponsored by SRS Distribution, will take place at the International Roofing Expo (IRE) in New Orleans. Join us on day one and two of the show as we meet with industry leaders and experts from across the country. The conversations will ...
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