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Beats Water, Wind, Sunlight…and the clock.

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The design and formulation of a Duro-Last Roofing System helps it beat the elements. And it helps you beat the clock. Our factory-welded seams eliminate most of your onsite seaming, reduce waste and errors, and dramatically cut your installation time. Proving that the “World’s Best Roof®” is good not only for building owners, but for contractors like you.

Duro-Last manufactures a custom-fabricated, single-ply commercial roofing system that is ideal for any flat or low-sloped application. Extremely durable and easily installed by authorized contractors without disrupting building operations, the Duro-Last Roofing System is watertight, highly reflective, resistant to chemicals, fire and high winds, and virtually maintenance-free. Additionally, custom-fabricated roofing systems from Duro-Last eliminate up to 85% of rooftop seaming, resulting in lower labor costs and better installation quality. Learn more about our custom-fabrication benefits here.

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Duro-Last Fire Safety

Duro-Last 2020 Project Winner - Roof of the Year

Latest Promotions and Rebates

Promos Rebates - Free Membrane Samples

Free Membrane Samples

When you install a custom-fabricated Duro-Last Roofing System, up to 85% of the seams are completed in a factory-controlled environment before the roofing system is delivered to the job site. By eliminating most of the on-site seaming, Duro-Last dramatically reduces the potential for leaks — and adds the advantages of ...
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Duro-Last: Utilizing Utility Rebates eBook - FREE DOWNLOAD


CEU - CONTINUING EDUCATION UNIT sponsored by Duro-Last Program Title: Utilizing Utility Rebates to Drive Energy-Efficient Roofing LEARNING OBJECTIVES After reading this article, you should be able to: 1 Identify ways in which incentive programs for enhanced insulation and cool roofing options help drive energy efficiency in commercial roofing. 2 Provide an ...
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Latest Canada Content

RCS Top Podcasts

RoofersCoffeeShop® Top Podcast Episodes

By Cass Jacoby, RCS Reporter. Here’s what podcast episodes are trending on RoofersCoffeeShop®. Our most popular podcasts celebrate innovation and technology, various conferences carrying on virtually this year, and staying on the front line of roofing during COVID-19. The most-listened-to podcast episode by far featured Dan Tinker, ...
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Duro-Last - Canada

Canadian Building Owners Trust Duro-Last®

Owners and facility managers know that a Duro-Last roof can stand up to the Canadian elements. Duro-Last Roofing Systems are a popular choice for protecting a variety of buildings in Canada. Owners will appreciate the unique process of custom-fabricating the system in a factory-controlled environment, which means more watertight security with ...
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Duro-Last Helps Building Qualify for Toronto Grants

Duro-Last® Helps Buildings Qualify for Toronto Grants

Contractors can help their customers earn money toward installing an eco-friendly Duro-Last cool roof. The city of Toronto now offers grant incentives for eco-friendly roofing systems, including cool roofs, on commercial buildings. Cool roofs are designed to reflect the sun’s rays and reduce heat build-up, mitigating dangerous urban heat islands that ...
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Latest Podcasts

Duro-Last - Jason and Steve Podcast

Jason Dark and Steve Ruth - X Marks the Spot with Duro-Last X Launch

S3:E4 Heidi J. Ellsworth visits with Duro-Last’s National Sales Manager, Jason Dark, and VP of Sales, Steve Ruth, about the launch of Duro-Last X™, the industry's first custom-cut roll good membrane solution. The podcast will discuss the importance of roofing contractors continually looking for improved solutions that offer increased productivity, profitability ...
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Roofing Roadtrip with Tim and Dan

Tim Hart and Dan Ervin - Roofing Turn PPE Manufacturer During COVID-19

S2:E29 PPE for Roofing Contractors and Beyond Tim Hart and Dan Ervin of Duro-Last roofing join Heidi J. Ellsworth, RCS Partner for a Roofing Road Trips with Heidi Podcast to talk about Duro-Last’s amazing pivot to help manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE) products during the COVID-19 outbreak. As the world’s largest ...
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Latest Webinars

JM Lunch & Learn - How Solvent Free is Solving Roofing Problems

How Solvent Free is Solving Roofing Problems

Johns Manville provides a lunch and learn that may change the face of the roofing industry when it comes to the environment and moisture. Learn about their new Solvent Free Adhesive for SBS applications in this educational RCS Lunch & Learn. How can adhesives make a difference to ...
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Exploring Technology Options—Webinar Sponsored by Duro Last

Exploring Technology Options—Webinar Sponsored by Duro Last

This NRCA webinar is presented by Heidi Ellsworth with HJE Consulting. She talks about how to bring technology into your roofing contractor business.
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Is it Time for a Website Update —Webinar Sponsored by Duro Last

Is it Time for a Website Update —Webinar Sponsored by Duro Last

This NRCA webinar is presented by Heidi Ellsworth with HJE Consulting. She talks about how to evaluate your website to make sure you are getting the most out of it and what to look for when making the decision to update it.
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Latest Videos

Duro-Last - 2019 Project of the Year

Duro-Last 2019 Project Winners

Duro-Last 2019 Project Winner - Roof of the Year Duro-Last 2019 Project Winner - Custom Fabrication Duro-Last 2019 Project Winner - Edge-to-Edge/Deck-to-Sky Duro-Last 2019 Project Winner - Metal Roofing Duro-Last 2019 Project Winner - Sustainability Duro-Last 2019 Project Winner - Specialty Membrane
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Duro-Last - Project of the Year

Duro-Last 2018 Project Winners

2018 Duro-Last Project Winner- Roof of the Year 2018 Duro-Last Project Winner-Custom Fabrication 2018 Duro-Last Project Winner- Edge to Edge Deck to Sky 2018 Duro-Last Project Winner- Metal Roofing 2018 Duro-Last Project Winner- Specialty Membrane 2018 Duro-Last Project Winner- Sustainability
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