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Danny Kerr- RCS Influencer

Co-Founder & Director of Assessment


Danny learned two important things as a young age: to work hard and be humble in everything he does. Coming from a modest family, he was forced to create his own success in life. As a Dyslexic student in school, he was treated differently throughout his upbringing and his potential was questioned by everyone around him. As he grew up, these experiences fueled his desire to push boundaries and prove what was possible.

From a struggling middle school student, Danny graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA, and started his own trades business, employing 12 full time staff and making enough money to buy his first home. By age 20, Danny had taken a leadership position for a franchise company and grew sales by 225% in one year, ultimately operating 100 staff and helping the organization develop its presence in Western Canada. This inspired him to take what he had learned, and help entrepreneurs all over North America move past adversity and reach their full potential.

In 2015, Danny started Breakthrough Academy, a company made to help entrepreneurs in the trades grow their company’s profitability, while taking back control of their time. Breakthrough Academy is currently working with over 330 business owners across North America,managing over $900 million worth of revenue, and was rated as Canada’s 106th fastest company in The Globe And Mail's Report on Business; the third consecutive year on a top growth list for the BTA.


Danny lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia with his wife and three beautiful young daughters. When he’s not helping prospective BTA members, you can usually find Danny exploring mountains with his family in his Jeep.

Latest Podcasts

BTA - Danny Kerr Pod

Danny Kerr - Contractor Evolution, Get Ready to Evolve

S3:E31 Heidi J. Ellsworth virtually road trips to meet up with Danny Kerr co-founder of Breakthrough Academy. It is a celebration of their new show, Contractor Evolution. Danny shares information about this new multimedia show produced specifically for high-performing contractors who are focused on scaling up, working less, and ...
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