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Camila Santander- RCS Influencer


COO of ASA Roofing Inc.

Alexandria, VA

In 2009, Camila emigrated to the U.S. from Chile with her family when she was still in middle school. Her father had hopes of building a home and business for his family and so together, they started ASA Roofing Inc. running it out of their tiny three-bedroom apartment. Camila would work late nights doing side jobs with her father after school to help grow the business as she could speak and understand English better than her parents. In 2020, Camila purchased a large warehouse and storefront in Alexandria, VA to expand ASA Roofing and she is now the VP of the multimillion-dollar company.

In 2017 ASA Roofing Inc. was voted the best home improvement contractor in Northern Virginia, largely in part to her leadership. Camila is hard working, dedicated and smart, and her leadership skills are top notch. Now, at her young age, she owns multiple companies and gives all her employees the tools and training necessary to succeed.

Camila’s success can be credited to her work ethic, intelligence, top notch leadership skills and her perseverance and dedication to this industry. She has faced adversity at every corner, especially being a young Latina woman in a male dominated industry and continues to flourish. She is a very hard worker who goes above and beyond. Her business is only closed on Sundays and even on the days when the business is closed, she still stops in to make sure that everything is in place.


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