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Education of Employees

Jon Stantz Education for Employees

Roofing Influencers are Busy

RCS Roofing Influencer Jon Stantz shares a few gems on overall education of your employees during a very busy time of year. For many contractors the education comes during the winter months, especially in winter climates. For Jon Stantz of Pell Roofing and Siding in Brazil, Indiana, he is honest ...

Wendy Marvin Education for Employees

Educated Companies Grow and Can Withstand Industry Downturns

RCS Influencer Wendy Marvin says that as we navigate running our businesses the world around us is changing and education helps us to keep up. Roofing is an industry with a history of conservative, even slow changes. No doubt, because tried and true installations are important when considering the risk ...

Rudy Gutierrez Education for Employees

Training and Education are Imperative to the Success of a Company

RCS Influencer Rudy Gutierrez says that certifiable education will be of utmost importance. At Shell Roofing Solutions, we support any education program that allows for employee self-development. We encourage our team members to pursue high learning. Currently we are involving our team members in the NRCA Pro-Certification™ program. This program is ...

Trent Cotney Education for Employees

Investing in Employee Development and Education is Critical to a Company’s Success

RCS Influencer Trent Cotney says that his company strongly believes in employee education and provides ample opportunities for learning. At Cotney Construction Law, we pride ourselves on continuing education for our employees by providing various learning opportunities. Not only do we offer seminars on professional proficiency but also on the ...

Mike Pickel Education for Employees

Education is Key to Quality Repairs and Installations

RCS Influencer Mike Pickel says that his team is constantly educating themselves at every opportunity. At Texas Traditions Roofing, we put education right up near the top in importance just as we do safety. Things don’t just stay that same in roofing. There are always new innovations, new processes, new code ...

Jennifer Stone Education for Employees

When it Comes to Education, Think Outside of the Traditional Classroom

RCS Influencer Jennifer Stone says that it is equally important to think about the emotional intelligence side of education for your employees. At National Women in Roofing (NWIR), we are seeing that there is so much education out there right now and it is fabulous for our industry and for our ...

Ken Kelly Employee Education

Educating our Employees

RCS Influencer Ken Kelly says that ongoing training and practice are vital to proficiency. At Kelly Roofing, each training is available in English and Spanish. Each Step is signed by the employee and the trainer. All of this is tracked in our software system. Our software system also ...

Riddle Employees Education

Employee Education Should be First and Foremost

RCS Influencer Ross Riddle says that at South Coast Shingle, educating employees is ongoing and helps them become the best that they can be. We do a variety of things in terms of education for our team members, but here are a few that seem to produce results ...

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Join over 18,000 other roofers who get the Week in Roofing for a recap of this week's best industry posts!

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